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Garage Door Installation & Repair

Purchasing and installing or replacing your garage door is considered an investment. Garage doors will affect the overall aesthetics or look and feel of your home or office as well as ensure your safety and security.

Lovell Garage Door Service will give you the most comprehensive listing of materials and choices for your garage door investment. We can give you different choices in terms of:

  • Materials — You can select from different options such as wood, steel or aluminum. We will also advise you on the different considerations such as cost, noise factor, insulating properties of the materials, including its maintenance.
  • Aesthetics — You can choose from our wide array of designs, styles and colors.
  • Accessories — You can opt to have window inserts or glass panels, you can have ceiling or wall mounted openers et. al.
  • Safety and Security Measures — You can select keyless entry, use rolling codes or even tap your smartphone to serve as a security control.
  • Energy efficiency — You can choose from different materials with different R-values depending on your insulation needs.


Get a manufacturer's warranty on all our garage doors. We also offer military and senior citizen discounts on all our services. Contact us today for more information!

Lovell Garage Door

Your decision on your garage door should be based on your needs, practicality, lifestyle and most importantly, budget. In all of these things, Lovell Garage Door can help you all these choices. We will provide you with recommendations on what will suit your needs and budget.